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Poster Design: Emma Hammond

Poster Design: Emma Hammond

David and Goliath meet again in a 50's themed diner somewhere in America. A surreal noir movie about crime and punishment.

David evolves into the young villain and Goliath is a misunderstood, narcoleptic and handicapped hulk, followed by his entourage. The film offers a brief glimpse into the difference in generations, and the priority placed on human life. Can we finally learn to respect each other’s humanity by celebrating our commonalities – and not vilify anyone based on handicaps, personal appearances, personal preferences, perceived bizarreness, and or initial physical representations?

Writer & Director: Ruben Zaccaroni

Photography: Bella Finn

Produced: Andrew Karpan, Ruben Zaccaroni & George Zouvelos

Cast: Louis Bacigalupo, George Zouvelos, Alex Koltchak, Colleen Slattery, Roberto Ragone, Aleks Vlasenko & Chris Noel

Editor: Ruben Zaccaroni

Gaffer: Eli Kravetz, Jalen Jackson, Tanner Moss

Sound: Jordan McAfee-Hahn, Jalen Thompson

Assistant Camera: Matt Castley

Title Design: Beba Cerlesi

Year: 2018

Run Time: 14 min